Dr. Kruszewski In The News

ABC News: 20/20 Interview

Dr. Kruszewski talks with 20/20 about the issues of overmedication and abuse of children in the foster care system.


Dr. Kruszewski Interviewed by ABC News

Dr. Kruszewski is interviewed about the AstraZeneca settlement.


Doctors Conflicting Interests Can Cost Money and Lives, and Hinder Medical Discoveries

Are Doctors' Industry Ties Influencing Your Care?

By Stefan P Kruszewski, MD
Mar 28, 2011


ABCNews-DrKruszewski-Opinion-DoctorsConflictingInterestsIn recent months, the print media have once again outed another group of physicians who benefit from undisclosed financial renumeration from pharmaceutical companies, accompanied by serious conflicts of interest. One headline from The New York Times News Service read "California Docs Paid to Promote Drugs," while other news outlets carried similar stories.


The Beginning Of The End Of Residential Drug And Alcohol Treatment?

By Stefan P Kruszewski, MD
May 20, 2011


ABCNews-DrKruszewski-Opinion-TheBeginningOfTheEndIn my specialty as an addiction psychiatrist, I have often advocated for residential treatment when unremitting drug and alcohol problems persist because other, less intensive, services have failed. That may soon change.


Physicians: Prescribing Less May Improve Outcomes

Excessive Pills, Overtreatment, May Do More Harm Than Good
By Stefan P Kruszewski, MD
Feb 23, 2011


ABCNews-DrKruszewski-Opinion-PhysiciansPrescribingLessWith a few exceptions, when physicians talk, they recommend. Take this. Try that. They satisfy the expectation that automatically comes with a patient's visit or phone call. The physician is compelled to make a recommendation -- a pill, a device or a procedure. Both the physician and medical supplier financially benefit. But is your doctor's advice always in your best interest?

Not always.


Need For Effective Impairment Interventions And Mandated Treatments Extends To Attorneys, Too

By Stefan P Kruszewski, MD
Letters to the Editor, American Medical News
March 21, 2011


AmedNews-DrKruszewski-Opinion-NeedForEffectiveImpairmentInterventionRegarding: "Corrective medical education" (Article, Jan. 24): After I finished reading this article, I was reminded that attorneys are involved in many of the situations when physicians are in trouble, either through lack of updated medical education or emotional, sexual boundary or drug impairments.