Dr. Kruszewski does not have any current business or financial arrangements with any pharmaceutical company. Prior to 2001, Dr. Kruszewski participated on the speaker's bureaus of the following companies: Lecturer for Pfizer (Zoloft), GlaxoSmithKline (Paxil, Wellbutrin), Janssen (Risperdal), AstraZeneca (Seroquel), Organon (Remeron), Wyeth (Effexor), Watson Labs (Loxitane), Eli Lilly (Prozac, Zyprexa), Sandoz (Pamelor), Amersham Biosciences-GE; Served on Eli Lilly NE Advisory Panel (1998).

Dr Kruszewski has served as general and case-specific expert for multiple plaintiff litigation (MDL) involving OxyContin and continues to serve as an expert in MDLs for Neurontin and Zyprexa.

Dr. Kruszewski has had three federal and state false claims settled as co-plaintiff with the United States: Southwood psychiatric facility; Pfizer (Geodon) and AstraZeneca (Seroquel).

As of 2010 Dr. Kruszewski has been designated an IMS ELITE expert by IMS Expert Services.